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Please review all the vendor information here before you register as a vendor. Each location will have different requirements so review the requirements for the location your interested in. Thanks for wanting to be a part of our event.

Vendor Agreement

2022 Vendor Agreement

If you're a plant-based restaurant, caterer, health professional or related business, then we want you to participate in our first annual 'Healthy Taste Vegfests' located in Chattanooga and Knoxville. 


Our purpose is simply to showcase our local community’s healthy plant-based food resources. We want to help people discover what resources are available in their area.


The venue will be an indoor/outdoor event. We expect the booth spaces to be claimed quickly so please contact us immediately to reserve your spot before they’re gone. Also, there are only a few food truck parking spots available, so reserve one now.


This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your plant-based (vegan friendly) cuisine or product to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers


This is a highly anticipated "tasting event" so we encourage you to provide small samples of your most popular dishes along with information about your service or business. You should also plan to sell products at the festival. Guests usually arrive hungry for food and information. 


To encourage as many vendors as possible to participate, we’re trying to keep our fees as low as possible. Unfortunately these festivals are not cheap to operate. If you're able and willing to be one of our sponsors, that will help us continue to offer low vendor fees, for more information about vendor sponsorship email us at:


Although our festival is free to the public, we will actively encourage everyone to give a donation upon entrance. 


Please read all the Exhibitor Guidelines contained in this document. If you would like to exhibit at this event, you may register online or by mail. 


Our mailing address is: Healthy Taste, inc, 1717 Little Creek Lane, Knoxville, TN 37922


If you choose to apply online, please fill out the form for:

Chattanooga Area

Knoxville Area


Submitting your information and payment online means that you have read and agree with the festival guidelines.


Stan Wolcott                                                                              Gabriel McClover
President of Healthy Taste, inc.                                         Director Healthy Taste, inc, CHATTANOOGA                                                
PHONE: 865-250-4214 VM/TEXT: 865-229-8060       PHONE/TEXT: 423-397-6805




Please read through all guidelines and rules prior to applying for a Healthy Taste Vegfest location. Our rules are different from other vegan type festivals. 



There are several categories of vendors and exhibitors at the 'Healthy Taste Vegfest'. 

1. Commercial exhibitors

2. Non-profit exhibitors

3. Prepared food vendors

4. Food Truck vendors

All vendors and exhibitors are required to review and sign an exhibitor contract as a pre-condition of participating in our Healthy Taste Vegfests. Many of the contractual requirements, especially those for food vendors, simply reflect local fire, safety and health regulations, as well as any requirements placed on the festival organizers by the city, county, or state. Listed below are most of the stipulations contained in the contract.




1. All items sold, sampled and otherwise distributed must be plant based/vegan (no meat, eggs, dairy, fish, whey, isinglass (a kind of gelatin obtained from fish), shells or any other animal derived product).

2. All products must be cruelty-free (not tested on animals).

3. Literature or any other promotional materials at the event must not include recipes, suggestions or references to using animal-derived ingredients and/or products.

4. Healthy Taste, inc reserves the right to exclude or remove any items that are inappropriate.

5. If you have questions about any of the above “vegan” requirements, please contact the organizers of Healthy Taste Vegfest. 




  1. Healthy Taste Vegfests are a family friendly event for our local community at large. Any leaflets, signage, materials or conduct that the organizers deem to be un-welcoming or offensive are subject to booth closure.

  2. Music, recordings, videos and/or other audio must not interfere with neighboring booths. All media should be “G” rated.

  3. Exhibitors must set up their own tent/booth. We will provide a 10’X10’ space for your tent or table. Tables and chairs maybe available at your chosen location but may have an additional cost. Check with your location's organizer.

  4. Exhibitors are not allowed to sell, display or distribute alcoholic beverages of any type. No items should contain any alcohol unless it is cooked out in the cooking or baking process. 

  5. No items are to be given away or sold that contain caffeine.

  6. No items can be sold or displayed that contain Nicotine, THC or CBD (Cannabidiol).

  7. All exhibitors agree to give permission for Healthy Taste Vegfest, volunteers or staff to take and publish photos of vendor staff, volunteers and/or displays during the event.

  8. Healthy Taste Vegests will be held in an indoor/outdoor building and will occur “rain or shine”. Should extreme weather or any other unpredictable event outside the organizer’s control prevent the holding of the festival, Healthy Taste, inc and/or event sponsors are in no way liable to exhibitors/vendors.

  9. All fees are Non-Refundable. Should you decide to not participate we will issue you a donation letter.



We would like to make this event as green as possible, therefore all plates, utensils and other containers used for serving food and/or samples should be recyclable or compostable if possible.




We plan on having designated parking for our vendors. More information to come.




  1. Exhibitors/vendors can arrive as early as 8:00 AM.

  2. Exhibitors/vendors must be completely set up by 30 minutes prior to official event start time.

  3. Every exhibitor/vendor is provided a 10’ X 10’ area. Optional 8’ table and two (2) chairs may be available at an additional cost, check with location organizer.

  4. Booths must stay up and staffed for the duration of the event.

  5. Exhibitors/vendors are responsible for setting up and breaking down their exhibits.

  6. Table Coverings- all tables must have coverings, such as tablecloths. 

  7. Healthy Taste location team will assign booth space at their own discretion.

  8. Exhibitors/vendors must have visible signage that easily identifies the organization/business for their booth.

  9. Exhibitors/vendors are responsible for their property and equipment. Healthy Taste, inc. is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to exhibitor property at any time.

  10. Exhibitors/vendors must keep the areas around their booths clean. Spaces must be left clean and in the condition in which they were received. In case of damage, exhibitors/vendors will pay such claims as are necessary to restore the vacated space to the original condition.

  11. Exhibitors/vendors can start breaking down at the official end of the event and must be completely out of the venue location by 8:00 PM.


The presence of animals, other than service animals, is not allowed. 




Healthy Taste, inc. is interested in providing healthy food options to our community. We are organized and run by volunteers. Our goal is to keep costs at a minimum, yet provide an excellent event for vendors and guests.


Non-profit Exhibitors $100*

  • Non-profit exhibitors are welcome to sell food and merchandise that comply with this agreement form.

  • Must provide 501(c)3 status to Healthy Taste, inc.


Commercial Exhibitors $125*

  • Commercial Exhibitors include any exhibitor desiring to sell non-food products or services and are encouraged to provide samples if appropriate.


Food Vendors $150*

  • A vendor providing food, packaged or prepared on site. No Health Department permit required for this one day event. Health department food preparation standards are required.

  • Bakery vendor items should be stored in a display- type case, are individually wrapped, or are put in to-go containers on site; gloves or tongs must be used to avoid touching the baked goods.

  • All food vendors are encouraged to provide free samples. 


Food Truck $200.

  • All food truck vendors need a health department permit to operate, but IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, please contact the Health Department in the location's county.



  • The fee for electricity is $50 for 110 outlets. 


Insurance “Limitation of Liability”.

  1. To participate in any 'Healthy Taste Vegfest', all vendors/exhibitors must procure and maintain in force throughout the term of the Vegfest a combined single limit liability insurance for bodily injury, including death, and property damage of at least $1,000,000.00 per occurrence with at least a $2,000,000.00 general aggregate limit and at least $10,000 in medical expense, (any one person). Such insurance must include Healthy Taste, Inc. on their insurance. Certificates evidencing the existence and amounts of insurance, satisfactory to Healthy Taste, Inc. must be provided to Healthy Taste, Inc. before being allowed to participate in the Vegfest. 

  2. Exhibitors/Vendors have a couple of options to meet this requirement:

    1. ​Most vendors with existing commercial operations will already have general commercial liability insurance so generally all you’ll need to do is call your insurance agency and ask them to issue a certificate for Healthy Taste, Inc. 1717 Little Creek Lane, Knoxville, TN 37922 under your existing policy. Generally there is little or no charge at all.

    2. If you do not have existing insurance, you can get a one-day policy from many insurance brokers. 
      Vegan and Animal Professionals Insurance Agency offers a policy at a very modest cost. You can contact 310-377-7172 or contact him by e-mail at: or visit their Facebook page:

  3. ALL VENDORS MUST FURNISH THEIR ( COI, Certificate of Insurance) ON OR BEFORE the Vegfest. If you do not provide this certificate on or before this date, you will not be able to participate as a vendor in Healthy Taste Vegfest and your vendor fee will NOT be refunded.



Exhibitor/Vendor Agreement

Please complete the required information below and submit with a credit card. Or fill out the online registration at:

Chattanooga Area

Knoxville Area


Submitting your information and payment online means that you have read and agree with the festival guidelines.

If you wish to register by postal mail, print this form and write your check to “Healthy Taste, Inc.” . In Memo section write "(which location) 2022 Vegfest". You may print out and fax the completed form to 865-248- 2030 and send payment in separately.


I am an authorized representative of the company listed in this agreement and I/we agree to all the Exhibitor Guidelines in our 2022 Exhibitor Information. Without limiting the provisions of the forgoing sentence, the undersigned agrees to comply with the Insurance requirements specified in the Healthy Taste Vegfest Exhibitor Guidelines, Rates and Information. Furthermore, the undersigned agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Healthy Taste, Inc. from any and all liability, claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys fees) suffered or incurred by or imposed upon the Indemnities as the result of any negligent act, omission or willful act of the undersigned, or any of the undersigned’s employees, representatives, agents, or contractors during the Healthy Taste Vegfest.


Complete this form and mail to Healthy Taste inc. or you may pay online at

Chattanooga Area

Knoxville Area


Printed Name: _______________________________________

Signature: Date: _________________________





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